How to make urban transformation truly engaging, just and sustainability-oriented? This toolbox offers innovative concepts and practical ideas, based on lessons learnt from the city quarter of Cureghem in Brussles. It is especially valuable for disadvantaged neigbhbourhoods. The vision: cities in balance with natural resources, where residents, no matter their socio-economic or cultural background, can live, work and learn in synergy with the place, growing and renewing it together.

The toolbox consists of three parts

cooperate – a handbook to co-create the urban commons
Citizens as agents of change in their neigh­ bourhoods: this handbook offers a step­ by­step guide for urban projects and lots of ideas to develop the urban commons to­ gether, especially in disadvantaged urban areas. From co­creation towards shared governance: Explore the landscape of fu­ ture­oriented urban transformation with helpful concepts, inspiring tools and plenty of examples and lessons from real life.

engage – 11 methods
Practical support for everyone who wants to make urban change more just and green: — 11 methods to engage: hands-on, public space oriented, with short instruction man- uals on cards. How does each method work, what is the result, what budget, compe- tences and material do you need?

apply – 10 tools
Do the sustainability self-check, build and further develop the Kju:Ti source code to facilitate easy going participation, use the commoning matrix to find out who can develop commons in a neighbourhood, and much more.