The tales build upon data and resources collected in the neighborhood by the syncity team and present them in accessible ways. We trust in the journalistic and editorial reworking of the findings from studies, interviews, and the stories of shops and economic actors that are and have been present in the district.

Cureghem Tales invites the user to engage with the neighborhood tthrough professional story-telling and addresses two target groups: outsiders who are not familiar with the area , providing them with insider information on challenges and opportunities defined by the community itself, and people and communities already deeply engaged with Cureghem – as inhabitants, business people etc – who want to share their stories with a larger audience. 

Cureghem Background

Cureghem Tales is a platform embodying routines and particularities of the neighborhood in relation to spatial terms that are, in one way or another, connected to sustainability – be it from the socio-cultural, economic, ecologic or built environment perspective. With texts, stills, drawings, maps and moving imagery, the Cureghem Tales point out challenges and spaces of possibilities for inclusive, just and sustainable change in the neighborhood.  


This project has received funding in the framework of the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe