What For?

By 2050, about one in three people globally will live in a city. How can we make urban change sustainable and fair? How can we ensure a high quality of life in cities for everyone? How do we create an urban commons together? The city of tomorrow needs new concepts of participation which promote the creative competence of all people, the aim for sustainability and focus‘ on the needs of disadvantaged residents.

Syncity took on the challenge and offers an innovative way to make urban planning sustainability driven and stakeholder-inclusive. Originally starting out as a collaborative research project in Cureghem Beligum, Syncity has now evolved into a practical approach, by developing a toolbox for all those who want to help shape just and green cities. The toolbox itself is comprised of a handbook and eleven method cards, with step by step guides and practical instructions on how to make transformations more sustainable and inclusive.


Quality of Life

Raise the life quality in the neighbourhood by creating a durable and integrative stakeholder process for feasible sustainable urban transformation.

A Neighbourhood for All

Increase awareness of local stakeholders on sustainability issues . Develop cooperation across different stakholder groups and foster a spirit of mutual respect and social cohesion.

Creating the Tools

Extend and expand our experience in participatory urban planning to support European municipalities to develope and improve urban projects by an adaptive sustainability approach.

Setting the Standard

Contine to develope a Europe-wide network for “Creating Cities together” with clear standards for sustainability and participation.

Our Solution

Collaborative transdisciplinary planning

Promote an urban planning approach sensitive to environmental, societal and cultural issues by involving all relevent stakeholders, including dwellers, in the early stage of the urban design process.

Digitial and analoge tools

Syncity tools are accessible online. They support to raises awareness for sustainability-oriented urban design processes and strengthen stakeholder involvement. This includes the creation a professional, audio and visual experience showcasing the neighbourhood to an interested public and informing the project's participants.

A toolbox to develope inclusive participation

Based upon syncity's handbook for a comprehiensive and modular participatory planning process that combines digital and analogue tools. A toolbox to be adopted and used by other European Cities.